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Hilo Burger Jointʻs Secret Menu: Taco Salad

June 6, 2014 0Comments

This is the first of our secret menu items. Weʻll be sharing these periodically. Similar to the Starbucks Secret Menu Recipes, youʻll find our favorite items that you canʻt find directly on the menu, but you CAN make if you know what youʻre looking for.

For this week, weʻlll give you what it takes to make a fantastic taco salad from our kitchen!

What do you call a salad that doesnʻt belong to you? Nacho Salad! 

All of our delicious grass-fed burgers from Kulana Foods can be turned in to a salad, simply by asking for them as a salad.

Take our Nacho Burger – jalapeños, black beans, tortilla chips, and sour cream ALL smothered in nacho cheese sauce – turn it in to a Nacho Burger Salad, and voila you have a tasty taco salad!

As with all of our menu items, you can substitute a garden patty, salmon patty, our house-made vegan patty, turkey patty or chicken breast (for an additional $1).  We offer ranch, caesar, bleu cheese, honey mustard, balsamic raspberry and lilikoʻi dressings, so the possibilities and tastes are endless!

What is your favorite “Secret Menu Item?” Let us know and you might see it featured here!

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